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By Brian Miner (editor)

Motorists - Tired of Sniffing Gas Fumes at The Pump?
Gasoline stations and convenience stores have been using fake boots. A fake boot is a flat
round piece of rubber that's near the handle of the gas pump hose. A real boot is usually a black spring
like rubber boot that goes all the way down a nozzle and covers up the gas intake hole. It stops gas fumes
from escaping when your pumping gas. Without the boot, it can be harmful or intoxicating to stand there and
pump gas inhaling all these fumes. It is obvious that if you have lung problems, week stomach or
dizziness pumping gas is not a option. Some convenient store chains might have them at one of
their stores but not the other. Whether they call them fake boots or splash guards, real boots have
been out for years and there's no excuse for not using them. These boots must become mandatory and gas stations
and convenient stores must be given a one-year time limit to install these boots at all of its stores
and stations or they should be fined and
still have to immediately install them.


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Baltic Countries Notify Russia and Belarus They Will
Exit the Moscow-Controlled Electricity Grid

By Liudas Dapkus and Jari Tanner (July 16, 2024) AP

Dealerships Hopeful EVs Will Bring Back That
New Car Smell

By Jinjoo Lee (July 12, 2024) Wall Street Journal

Supercapacitors Are About To Blow Past Batteries
as the Kings of Power

By Caroline Delbert (June 12, 2024) Popular Mechanics

There Are Major Changes Coming for
Your Washing Machines and Dryers

By Tik Root (June 2024) Stacker

In Wyoming, Bill Gates Moves Ahead with Nuclear
Project Aimed at Revolutionizing Power Generation

By Jennifer Mcdermott (June 10, 2024) AP

OPEC Announces Oil Production Increases
Amid Record U.S. Output

By Troy Matthew (June 3, 2024) MTN

Green Hydrogen Producer Signs First-of-its-Kind Agreement
with Major Steel Company: 'Increasingly Necessary to
Ensure the Long-Term Survival of our Industries

By Leslie Sattler (June 1, 2024) The Cool Down

5 Common Myths About Solar Panels:
And the Facts Behind Them

By Ron King (May 2024 - Reprint) Slash Gear

How a Simple Fix Could Double the Size
of the U.S. Electricity Grid

By Shannon Osaka (May 28, 2024) Washington Post

MIT Scientists Discovered How to Make Steel with Electricity
By Joshua Hawkins (May 24, 2024) BGR

Germany Has Too Many Solar Panels
and Its Pushed Energy Prices into Negative Territory

By Filip De Mott (May 22, 2024) Business Insider

New Polystyrene Recycling Process Could Be World's
First to be Both Economical and Energy-Efficient

By Science Staff (May 22, 2024) Phys.org

Worlds Biggest Waste-to-Energy Facility
Will Power More Than 100,000 Homes

By Ana De Oliva (May 17, 2024) CNN

Tech Company Breaks Ground on World's First Cement Plant
That Captures 100% of its Air Pollution: The Future is Climate-Neutral

By Tina Deines (May 13, 2024) the Cool Down

Scientists Design Super Battery Made With Cheap,
Readily Affordable Chemical Element, Na — Salt-Based Cell
Has Surprisingly Good Energy Density and Charges In Seconds

By Wayne Williams (May 10, 2024) TechRadar

The Worlds Largest Vacuum to Suck Climate Pollution
Out of the Air Just Opened. Heres How It Works

By Laura Paddison (May 8, 2024) CNN

Solar Panel World Record Broken
in Huge Boost for Renewables

By Anthony Cuthbertson (May 8, 2024) the Independent

The Evolution of Solar Energy:
How Solar Panels Have Changed Over the Years

By  Daniel Feininger (May 5, 2024) Slash Gear

Researchers Develop Sodium Battery Capable of
Rapid Charging in Just a Few Seconds

By Staff (April 19, 2024) Tech Xplore

The Home-Solar Boom Gets a Gut Punch
By Phred Dvorak (April 14, 2024) WSJ

Flexible Solar Panels Achieve Record-Breaking Efficiency
By Anthony Cuthbertson (March 2024) Independent

Exclusive: Mexico's Pemex Put off Repairs
Despite Vast Methane Leak

By Stefanie Eschenbacher and Allison Martell
(March 22, 2024) Reuters

The Great American Natural Gas Reckoning Is Upon Us
By Umair Irfan (January 30, 2023) Vox

This Start-Up Hopes To Use Old Tires To Power Electric Cars
By Eli Shayotovich (December 17, 2023) SlashGear

Scientists Found a Massive Lithium Deposit Inside an
Ancient US Volcano That Could Be A Game-Changer for
American Clean Energy But Spell Disaster for Native Americans

By Rebecca Cohen and Jessica Orwig (September 14, 2023) Business Insider

US Becomes the World’s Largest Exporter of
Liquified Natural Gas

By Maite Knorr-Evans (September 13, 2023) AS

Tesla-Ford Charging Station Deal is the
News Tesla Owners Have Been Dreading

By Steve Mollman (May 25, 2023) Fortune

A Monthly Fee for Heated Seats? Car Subscriptions Are
Coming — Whether Americans Like Them or Not

By Pras Subramanian (May 14, 2023) Yahoo Finance

Exclusive-Venezuela's Oil Tankers at Risk of
Sinking, Fires, Spills, Report Finds

By Mircely Guanipa (May 4, 2023) Reuters

One-Minute Battery Swaps Are Spurring
EV Adoption In Asia

By No Author (April 9, 2023) Autoblog

A New Kind of Battery Oxygen Ion Could Change Energy
By Jackie Appel (March 23, 2023) Poplar Mechanics

Auto Expert Says Tesla's Model Y Battery Pack Has
'Zero Repairability,' So A Minor Collision Can Junk the Car

By Alexa St. John (March 20, 2023) Business Insider

Residential Heat Pumps Could Cut U.S.
Energy Consumption In Half

By Haley Zaremba (March 17, 2023) Oilprice

BMW To Make Hydrogen-Fueled Cars as it
Admits EVs Won’t Work for Everyone

By Howard Mustoe (March 15, 2023) Telegraph

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?
Here's What You Can Expect.

By Clare Mulroy (March 8, 2023) USA Today

Electric-Vehicle Battery Basics
By John Voelcker (March 4, 2023) CarandDriver

How Much Will Tesla’s Supercharger Network
Help Non-Tesla EV Drivers?

By No Author (March 3, 2023) iSeeCars

What It's Like to Charge a Non-Tesla at a
Tesla Supercharger

By Kyle Hyatt (March 3, 2023) Jalopnik

Porsche's Plan to Produce (Nearly)
Carbon-Neutral Gasoline in Texas

By Jim Motavalli (February 21, 2023) Jalopnik

Fires Sparked By Lithium Batteries Are
Confounding Firefighters

By Vicky Nguyen David Paredes, Andrew Blankstein, Rich Schapiro
(February 7, 2023) NBC News

Mapped: Biggest Sources of Electricity by State and Province
By Selin Oğuz, Alejandra Dander, Clayton Wadsworth
(January 12,2023) Visual Capitalists

US Official Warns of Risks Posed By
Heavy Electric Vehicles

By TOM KRISHER (January 11, 2023) AP

Will Big Plans For Nuclear Power Work Without
Russian Uranium?

By No Author (January 2, 2023) OilPrice

Latin America Has Vast Oil Reserves, But One Thing
Could Threaten Production: Socialism

By Wayne Stoltenberg and Merrill Matthews
(December 27, 2022) Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Colombia's Oil Theft Soars, leaving Trail of
Environmental Harm

By Oliver Griffin (December 23, 2022) Reuters

Porsche Fires Up Production of eFuel,
Made from Water in Chile

By Sebastian Blanco (December 20 2022) CarandDriver

Small Nuclear Cheaper Than Solar and Wind as
Canada Greens its Power Grid: Report

By Jeff Lagerquist (November 17 2022) Yahoo

Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Exports as
Kingdom Implements OPEC+ Deal

By Grant Smith (November 17 2022) Bloomberg

Mexico's Pemex Had a Plan To Fix Its Flaring Problem,
But Abandoned It

By Stefanie Eschenbacher (November 7 2022) Reuters

Equipment That's Designed To Cut Methane Emission Is Failing
By CATHY BUSSEWITZ (November 4 2022) AP

Drillers Ask U.S. To Exempt Smallest Wells From
Looming Methane Rule

By Valerie Volcovici and Nichola Groom
(November 2 2022) Reuters

Gas Flaring Explained (November 2022) World Bank

Saudi Arabia Reiterates Commitment To China,
Regardless Of U.S. Concerns

By Simon Watkins (November 1 2022) Oilprice.com

First Comes the Sub-Zero Gas Prices,
Then the Flaring in Texas

By Sergio Chapa (October 26 2022) Bloomberg

Europe Now Has Too Much Gas. Here’s How the
Continent Dodged Putin’s Energy Squeeze So Far

By Christiaan Hetzner (October 25, 2022) Fortune

Unleaded 88 Fuel is Spreading in Ohio,
But is it Good for Your Car and the Climate?

By Patrick Cooley (October 24) Columbus Dispatch

How Temperature Affects Electric Vehicle Range
By Jeff S. Bartlett, Gabe Shenhar (August 22, 2022) Consumer Reports

Massachusetts Company Close To Delivering First-Ever
Liquid Metal Battery

By Jacob Wycoff (July 5 2022) CBS Boston

Range Extenders: Solar Panels Provide More Juice to EVs
By Taimaz SZIRNIKS (June 28 2022) AFP

How Much Fuel Does A Jet Aircraft Use
During A Typical Flight?

By Linnea Ahlgren (June 20 2022) Simpleflying

Chevron Is Betting $2.5 Billon on Hydrogen.
Will It Pay Off for Investors?

By Matthew DiLallo (June 19 2022) Motley Fool

Considering an electric vehicle? Here's what to expect
if you've never driven an EV before.

By Jennifer Jolly (June 15 2022) USA Today

U.S. to sell up to 45 million bbls oil from reserve
as part of historic release

By Ismail Shakil and Timothy Gardner (June 14 2022) Reuters

EPA raises amount of ethanol that must be blended with gas
By DAVID PITT (June 3 2022) A.P.

Which Electric Vehicles Have the Longest Range?
By No Author (April 8 2022) iseecars

Infographic: How much of your country’s gas comes from Russia?
By Staff (March 17 2022) Al Jazeera

Exclusive-Biden weighing cuts to 2022 ethanol
blending mandate proposal- sources

By Jarrett Renshaw and Stephanie Kelly (January 12 2022) Reuters

Porsche Says Its Synthetic Fuel Will Make Internal Combustion
As Clean As EVs

By Ben Hsu (February 23 2021) Auto Blog

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