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In Atlanta To Promote Fentanyl Actions, Yellen
Announces Sanctions Against Mexican Cartel

By Fatima Hussein and Megan Janetsky (June 20, 2024) AP

A Synthetic Drug Ravages Youth in Sierra Leone.
There's Little Help, and Some People Are Chained

By Kemo Cham (May 27, 2024) AP

Mexican Cartels Wiped Out Competition
in US Fentanyl Market: DEA

By Jeff Arnold (May 21, 2024) WJZY

US Unveils Proposal to Ease Restrictions on Marijuana
By Sarah N. Lynch (May 16, 2024) Reuters

The Global Synthetic Drugs Crisis Has Hit West Africa,
Where People Are Digging Up Human Bones To Make a Drug Called 'Kush'

By Rebecca Rommen (May 5, 2024) Insider

US Poised to Ease Restrictions on Marijuana in
Historic Shift, But It'll Remain Controlled Substance

By Zeke Miller, Joshua Goodman, Jim Mustian and Lindsay Whitehurst
(April 30, 2024) AP

DEA Plans to Back Reclassifying Marijuana as
Less Serious Drug, Sources say

By No Author (April 29, 2024) ABC News

Mexican President Claims That Criminal Groups Are
Respectful and Respect the Citizenry

By No Author (April 25, 2024) AP

Maps Show States Where Weed Is Legal for
Recreational, Medical Use

By Kerry Breen (April 20, 2024) CBS News

Mexico's President Says He Won't Fight Drug Cartels
on US Orders, Calls It a Mexico First' Policy

By Mark Stevensen (March 22, 2024) AP

AMLO Prepares to Take Over Vulcan Property
in Mexicos Mayan Riviera

By Eric Martin, Amy Stillman and Michael O'Boyle
(March 19, 2024) Bloomberg

Former Inmates Are Holding Nothing Back
About What It's Really Like In Jail

By No Author (March 8, 2024) Buzzfeed

Soldiers and Civilians Are Dying as Mexican Cartels
Embrace a Terrifying New Weapon: Land Mines

By Keegan Hamilton, Kate Linthicum (March 9, 2024) LA Times

Biden Pardons Marijuana Use Nationwide.
Here's What That Means

By Francesca Chambers (December 22, 2023) USA Today

Oregon's First-in-the-Nation Drug Decriminalization Law
Faces Growing Pushback Amid Fentanyl Crisis

By No Author (November 20, 2023) Statesman Journal

Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Bans Fentanyl,
Reportedly Under Pain of Death
By Peter Weber (October 17, 2023) The Week

We Spoke to Hundreds of Prison Gang Members –
Here's What They Said About Life Behind Bars

By Scott H. Decker and David Pyrooz
(September 10, 2023) the Conversation

Fentanyl-Tainted Pills Now Found in
Mexican Pharmacies From Coast to Coast

By Connor Sheets and Keri Blakinger
(June 14, 2023) Los Angeles Times

On Mexico-US Border, Fentanyl Poses
Growing Hidden Danger

By Jean Arce (May 29, 2023) AFP

Cocaine Price Crash a Blow for Colombian Coca Growers
By David SALAZAR (May 25, 2023) AFP

Cannabis Abuse Disorder, Explained
By Theara Coleman (May 24, 2023) The Week

This ‘Family Home’ Harbors a Dark Secret
That Is Killing Americans

By Luis Chaparro (May 13, 2023) Daily Beast

Héctor Palma: Release of Sinaloa Cartel's Ex-Leader Blocked
By Vanessa Buschschlüter (May 10, 2023) BBC

Mexico Claims Proof of Chinese Fentanyl Smuggling
By No Author (May 5, 2023) BBC

Case Details Sinaloa Cartel's Fentanyl-Fueled Evolution
(May 1, 2023) AP

Needing Younger Workers, Federal Officials
Relax Rules on Past Drug Use

By Ernesto Londoño (April 30,2023) New York Times

Are Drug Cartels 'Terrorist Organizations'?
US, Mexican Leaders Have Strong Opinions

By Karol Suárez (April 15, 2023) USA Today

Biden Administration Targets Mexican Cartel,
Chinese Companies In Fight To Halt Fentanyl

By Jacqueline Charles (April 14, 2023) Miami Herald

Gulf Clan: Colombia Suspends Ceasefire With Drug Cartel
By Vanessa Buschschlüter (March 20, 2023) BBC

US Lawmakers: López Obrador Committed
to Engage With China on Fentanyl

By Rafael Bernal (March 20, 2023) The Hill

US Warns About Fake, Dangerous Pills
Being Sold in Mexico

By No Author (March 18, 2023) AP

Amid U.S. Pressure on Fentanyl,
Mexico Raises Drug Lab Raids Data

By Drazen Jorgic, Jackie Botts and Stephen Eisenhammer
(March 17, 2023) Reuters

Drug War Allies U.S. and Mexico Aren't
Getting Along. What Happened?

By Ken Dilanian (March 17, 2023) NBC News

What Can the U.S. Do to Thwart Mexican Drug Cartels?
By Mike Bebernes (March 14, 2023) Yahoo

Criminals in Mexico Violated Their Unwritten Rule:
Leave Americans Alone

By Maria Abi-Habib and Natalie Kitroeff
(March 11, 2023) New York Times

Mexico's Legal Cannabis Business Takes
Next Step With CBD-Focused Firm

By Diego Oré (March 9, 2023) Reuters

Colombia, Bolivia To Ask UN To Remove
Coca Leaf From Narcotics List

By No Author (February 22, 2023) Reuters

Marijuana Legalization Has Stalled in Mexico,
But Farmers and Cartels Are Still Making Big Plans
To Profit off a New Market

By Luis Chaparro (February 22, 2023) Business Insider

DEA: Drug Cartels Using Snapchat, Other
Social Media to Target Children

By Natasha Zouves (February 16, 2023) The Hill

Mexico's Ex-Minister on Trial for Taking Bribes
From El Chapo's Gang

By Madeline Halpert (January 17, 2023) BBC

Colombia President Asks to Stop Arrest of
Narco Sought by US

(January 13, 2023) Associated Press

At Least 29 Killed in Mexico Capture of Chapo's Son;
U.S. Extradition Not Guaranteed

By Isabel Woodford and Valentine Hilaire
(January 6 2023) Reuters

Here's What the Deadliest Drug-Related Public
Health Crisis in American History Looks Like

By Salwan Georges and Kevin Sieff
(December 26, 2022) Washington Post

Captagon War: Violent New Drug Trade
Setting the Middle East on Fire

By Samuel M. Katz (December 20, 2022) Men's Journal

First-Time Drug Users Will Not Be Prosecuted
Under Police Chiefs' Plan

By Charles Hymas (December 17 2022) The Telegraph

U.S. Justice Department Moves To Eliminate
Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

By Gram Slattery (December 16 2022) Reuters

The Sinaloa Cartel is Losing its Marijuana Business,
and El Chapo's Sons Are Going After the
'Premium Weed' Market to Make Up for It

By Luis Chaparro (December 13 2022) Business Insider

US Drug Czar Wants India to Stem Flow of Chemicals
Used by Mexican Cartels for Fentanyl

By Beth Warren and Suryanshi Pandey
(December 3 2022) USA Today

Fentanyl's Scourge Plainly Visible on Streets of Los Angeles
(November 28 2022) Associated Press

317,793 People Were Arrested for Marijuana Possession in 2020
Despite the Growing Legalization Movement

By Katharine Neill Harris, (November 16 2022) Conversation

The Black-Market Strangled California's Legal
Weed Industry. Now It's Coming for New York.

By Julian Shen-Berro and Shannon Young
(November 13 2022) Politico

More Teenagers Dying from Fentanyl.
'It Has a Hold On Me, and I Don't Know Why'

By Summer Lin (November 12 2022) Los Angeles Times

Germany Looks to Legalize Cannabis
By R. Peña (November 11 2022) Travel Noire

Brittney Griner Is Headed to a Truly Horrific Place
By Anastasiia Carrier (November 11 2022) Politico

In Yemen, Farmers Choose Narcotic Over Other Crops,
Exacerbating Climate Woes

By Khaled Abdullah and Adel Al-Khadher
(November 10 2022) Reuters

Judge Rules Wives of Chicago Twins Who Cooperated
Against ‘El Chapo’ Did Not Have Immunity

By Jason Meisner, Annie Sweeney
(November 8 2022) Chicago Tribune

Headless Bodies and Deadly Bombs:
Cartel Violence Escalates In Ecuador

By Dan Collyns (November 2 2022) The Guardian

Which States Put Marijuana on the Ballot in 2022?

By MIKE CATALINI (October 24 2022) AP

Colombia, the World's Largest Cocaine Producer,
Faces a Change in Drug Policy

By Patrick J. McDonnell
(October 23 2022) Los Angeles Times

Cocaine is Flooding Into Europe as Drug Market
Continues to Evolve

By Melissa Rossi (October 21 2022) Yahoo

Chinese Government Has Little Incentive to Stop the Country's
Drug Cartels From Fueling US Fentanyl Crisis

By Michael Lee (September 22 2022) Fox News

Raids on Black Market Cannabis Farms Uncover
Human Trafficking Victims

By Jacob Soboroff, Mitch Koss, Julia Lee,
Alicia Victoria Lozano, Aarne Heikkila
(September 8 2022) NBC

Why Weed Companies Can't Make Any Money
By PAUL DEMKO (September 4 2022) Politico

World’s Biggest Cocaine Producer Rethinks the
War on Drugs

By Matthew Bristow (September 1 2022) Bloomberg

What Is 'Rainbow Fentanyl?' Nationwide,
Officials See Spread of 'Deadly' Colorful Pills, Powder

By Wyatte Grantham-Philips (August 20 2022) USA Today

Over 25 OXXOs Burned In One Night In Guanajuato,
Reported to Be Cartel Retaliation

By No Author (August 11 2022) LA Taco

Mexico Captures Infamous Drug Lord Rafael Caro Quintero
(July 15 2022) AP

U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths Hit New Record in 2021
with 108,000 Lives Lost: CDC Report

By Vanessa Etienne (May 13 2022) People

What Is Fentanyl And Why Is It Behind
The Deadly Surge In US Drug Overdoses?
A medical toxicologist explains

By Kavita Babu (May 10 2022) The Conversation

Pushing Productive Coca Seeds, Mexican Cartels
Reshape Colombia's Drug Industry

By Luis Jaime Acosta (May 9 2022) Reuters

The Drug Trade Now Flourishing In Afghanistan: Meth
By Susannah George and Joby Warrick Photos by Lorenzo Tugnoli
(May 2 2022) Washington Post

Mexico Says Fentanyl And Meth Seizures Have Soared
Since 2019 As Cartels Ramp Up Production, Import From China

By Andrew Mark Miller (December 22 2021) Fox News

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram on "Face the Nation"
By Anne Milgram, Margaret Brennan (December 19 2021) CBS News

Fentanyl Overdoses Become No. 1 Cause Of Death
Among US Adults, Ages 18-45: 'A National Emergency'

By Audrey Conklin (December 16 2021) Fox News

Meth And Heroin Fuel Afghanistan Drugs Boom
By Secunder Kermani (December 11 2021) BBC

A New DEA Map Shows Where Cartels Have Influence
In The US. Cartel Operatives Say 'It's Bulls---'

By Luis Chaparro (April 12 2021) Business Insider

Exclusive: U.S. Investigations Into Cartels Paralyzed By Standoff With Mexico
By John Shiffman, Brad Heath and Diego Oré (March 30 2021) Reuters

Rights Group: Colombia Government Falling Short In Protecting Social Leaders
By Daniela Cristancho (February 10 2021) Miami Herald

Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Built An Empire On Cocaine,
But It's Betting On Another Drug To Feed US Appetites

By Luis Chaparro (February 3 2021) Business Insider

Witness Implicates Mexican Soldiers In Mass Student Kidnap, President Says
Reporting by Raul Cortes and Lizbeth Diaz; writing by Laura Gottesdiener; Editing by Alistair Bell
(January 21 2021) Reuters

Outrage After Mexico Exonerates Ex-Defense Minister In Drug Case
By Tom Phillips (December 15 2021) The Guardian

Colombia Targets Repeat Of Last Year's Coca Eradication In 2021
By No Author (January 2020) Reuters

Russia And US In Rare Co-operation Over £750 Million Cocaine Bust
By Agency France-Presse (December 29 2020) The Telegraph

Step Inside A Colombian Jungle Lab
Where Coca Leaf Begin Its Journey To Become Cocaine

By Toby Muse (October 27 2020) Business Insider

Italian police seize record amount of amphetamines shipped from Syria
By No Author (July 1 2020) Reuters

The Global Drug Market Is Booming In The 21st Century, UN Concludes
By Aarthi Swaminathan (June 27 2020) Yahoo Finance

Mexico Finds Links To Over $1 billion In Cartel Money
By no author (June 2 2020) Associated Press

Cartels Are Scrambling’: Virus Snarls Global Drug Trade
By Jim Mustian and Jake Bleiberg (April 19 2020) A.P.

In Mexico, A Cartel Is Taking Over : Jalisco New Generation
By Mark Stevenson (March 22 2020) A.P.

Fentanyl Smuggled From China Is Killing Thousands Of Americans
By Del Quentin Wilbur (November 11 2018) MSN

Billionaire Partner Of Imprisoned Chapo Consolidates Empire
By Justin Villamil (November 5 2018) Bloomberg

America’s Quality Pot Is Changing the Drug War
By Peter Robison , Nacha Cattan and Benjamin Bain (June 4 2015) (Bloomberg)

Mexico Drug Lord Captures Change But Don't Lower Trafficking.
By Christpher Sherman and Katherine Corcoran (February 28) (A.P.)

These Astonishing Maps Show How Hard Drugs Are Produced and Sold Around the World
By Amanda Macias and Michael B Kelley (February 19, 2015) (Business Insider)

Awash In Opium, Afghan 'Wild West' Slips from Kabul's Grasp
By Jessica Donati and Mirwais Harooni (February 17, 2015) (Reuters)

As US Marijuana Legalization Spreads, Mexican 'Mota' Takes A Dive
By Ioan Grillo (February 9) (Global Post)

Fentanyl, Up To 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin, A Growing Worry In N.J.
By Ashley Peskoe and Stephen Stirling (February 3, 2015) (N.J.A.M.)

Mexican Opium Farmers Expand Plots To Supply US Heroin Boom
By Mark Stevenson (February 2, 2015) (Associated Press)

Trafficking twins get sharply reduced sentences
By Michael Tarn (January 27, 2015) (A.P.)

Chicago twins who helped bring down cartel boss El Chapo to be sentenced
By Jason Meisner (January 26, 2015) (Chicago Tribune)

What Ever Happened To The Ad War On Drugs?
By E.J. Schultz ( March 2014 ) (Advertising Age)

Seattle Police Test Taking Drug Offenders Straight To Treatment
By Maggie Clark ( November 2011 ) (State Line Staff Writer)

Breakthrough In U.S. Drug Sentencing Reform
The fair sentencing act and the unfinished reform agenda

By Kara Gotsch (November 2011) (The sentencing project)

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