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Please Support No Jewish , Islamic , Christian , Buddha , Hindu Or All Black / White States
No Dividing The World By Religious Beliefs Or Skin Color

By Brian Miner ( )

are just tolerated not equal. They live in constant fear in the Middle East and China where Christianity
is not allowed. Something must change. The problem with the Israel Palestine conflict is that the Christians
were left out. They have just as much right as anyone else especially if their dividing Israel and Palestine
by faith. How about calling it Nazareth. What it means to every Christian is immense but ironically, they show
little interest and don't flock there to visit or settle in its ancient history.

Today's Controversy

Palestine means "People by The Sea" or the "Sea People". Palestine and Gaza both border a sea. Israel is
more than willing to except Palestine as a state immediately but not Gaza which is not physically linked to
Palestine and considered run by terrorists and violent adolescents. Palestine will not except Israel as a "Jewish"
state instead of just plain Israel and should not because this land belongs to all parties and dividing the
world by ethnic or race is unacceptable and they must not be recognized by the United Nations as a Country,
State or Territory and therefor the peace process is stalled. Israel and Palestine must except plain statehood
( no I-s-l-a-m-i-c state ) in order for both sides to agree but again where does that leave the Christians.
Israel, started by a Russian doctor about a century ago to create a "Jewish State" or state of Judaism, is
just one of the remnants of the former Soviet Union including financing the Colombian Rebels and drug lords ,
Cuban nuclear missile crisis , invasion of Afghanistan, the AK47 , and the worlds Muslim extremists.
It may take a century to pick up the pieces.

Can This Issue Be Resolved?

It will take a new sophisticated approach. complex settlements,
strictly distributed and may include an individual monetary settlement at least for refugees, enough funds
to operate a Social Services for 6 years, housing grants or down payments to purchase middle class housing
or at least 14% of its adult population or its best risks and have guidelines to ensure they are beautiful
homes and successful neighborhoods. Offer some high-risk loans to some small business start-ups, deposit the bulk
of the settlement in at least three banks and then sell the stocks to the general public. It would be up to
the new Palestinian or Gaza government to figure out how to collect taxes to keep their schools open and public
utilities working and also be in the best interest of the US or its allies to Annie-Up and get this conflict
over with at all at costs.

Is There a Temporary Solution to The Israel Palestine Conflict?

Yes. The Jewish population
must be welcomed by the Palestinians and be allowed to keep their settlements "but" they must use "Palestine"
as their mailing address and except the fact that they have lived together for thousands of years alongside the Christians

What About the Land Dispute?

This might be a little bit easier to solve. If we can go back in history,
all nations might have border disputes but since the land conflict happened when all parties were under
the rule or council of the United Nations some land settlement might have to exist. Egypt, Syria and Jordan
must demand that some of the land taken from them during past wars and conflicts be turned into National Park
like settings, a utopia for local habitat and species. Second, they must be offered land parcels
(of course in Israel) that are suitable for commercial use or industrial park pad sites that can be leased forever, or they can be
sold. These parcels will be an investment for each country and since the parcels are near their border it will
give them a little bit of influence in their border regions.

But What About Gaza?

Since Gaza is surrounded by Israel it might have to declare itself a city in Israel or a province,
territory or reservation in Israel but have their own type of government comparable to American Indian reservations
which have their own rules and regulations. Basically, a government inside a government but are not allowed to
have their own military. In America. Indian reservations are allowed to operate casinos even though that
state bans gamboling. Basically, they have special privileges. If this path is taken it must come with a proposed settlement.

Should Christians Support Israel or Palestine?

There is not a shortage of Muslims or Muslim dominated states in the middle east but Christians
are scarce because they are persecuted in some of these countries and have no voice. The Muslims know how much
this holy land means to all Christians around the world and the Christians have done everything to try and bring
good relations. Israel, America and the world lost a lot of lives from the Germany war and have always
supported the Jewish community but this is the way the United Nations see it - If we start dividing the
world by ethnic or race which is unconceivable and a giant step backwards in the free world, we may one day be
barred from going anywhere , must stay in our own areas, and may never be allowed to visit the ancient cities,
temples, churches and mosques and treasures of the world using Saudi Arabia as a example in which it may
take a thousand years before a un scarfed Christian woman may visit the holy site of Mecca and others in the
civilized world are locked out of viewing its incredible treasures. They might be considered a I-s-l-a-m-i-c or
extremist state or country. Egypt would be considered a predominantly Muslim state that lets everyone come and
marvel at its great wonders of the world. When the world's leaders want to end the Israel Palestine conflict
they need to follow a five year plan, give Israel Palestine and other parties involved three years to
submit proposals to end the conflict and settle it on their own, if they have not made a decision by then
it goes to the world court and they have two years to make a decision and the participants must hope the
world court is just as fair and has the wisdom and integrity of the
United States Supreme Court Justice System

Some Terms That No Longer Should Be Used In Government Offices

J-e-w - the proper term is Jewish
only out of touch writers and comedians use this term
and until we stop calling the Jewish J-e-w-s there will never be peace

A-rab or A-r-a-b - the proper term is Arabian
A-r-a-b states could mean Saudi Arabian occupied states or territories

P-a-k-s the proper term is Pakistani's

J-A-P-S- The proper term is Japanese

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Map Of Israel - Palestine - Nazareth

Israel Palestine Conflict


Its Official: Palestinian Gaza Now a Seaport in Israel

No Statehood for A City of Felons
The international community demands that Israel take responsibility for national
security and demand that the dangerous nonexistent government of the Palestinian seaport of Gaza be declared
a city in Israel. Enough is enough. No more child soldiers. This would be government is too dangerous
to exist and just can't be in this century. The international community also demands that the government
of Egypt receive a war chest of 8.5 billion plus 3.5 billion in economic aid from the U.S. and its allies if they accept
our decision that will happen anyways and that an additional 2.5 billion be put aside for settlements
with the Palestinian Egyptian refugees and 70 million be put aside for a legal team , consultants
and panel to decide who gets a settlement, how it is given and what form it will be distributed . If the citizen
is in controversy, then their settlement will go to schools or programs that benefit their neighborhoods.
Egypt should not have to accept Israel as a Jewish state, just plain "Israel". International communities must understand
that this conflict is not about faith or skin color it is about the Palestinians denying Jewish immigrants
and citizens the right to own property and wealth and young Palestinians have very little to do with the decision their
government made decades earlier - The government of Israel must open up social services and offer services to its
citizens in the seaport of Gaza. If the Palestinians refuse to recognize they live in Israel their property
might be confiscated and then be sold, but if they recognize they live in Israel and pay taxes to the Israel treasury
they must let non-controversial Palestinians live in or move back into what is now Israel and keep their property.
It must be recognized that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they are the only responsible government in the region.
The modern map of Israel says it all. Christians, Muslims and all other faiths must realize that they had
centuries to reunite in this Holy Land but it was abandoned for centuries and let our histories be destroyed.
The Israeli's stepped up to the plate and now they must protect our ancient history and if they fail then this
government must be toppled and if the Christians rise to the occasion, then all faiths must except this government.
The Israel government is doing a great job of preserving our ancient history and we cannot let it be
destroyed for the centuries unborn.
There is no going forward and there is no turning back.
No Statehood for A City of Felons
Its Official: The city of Palestine and the seaport of Gaza are now in Israel.


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