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COP27 Agrees On Loss and Damage Fund
for Vulnerable Countries

By Stacy Meichtry, Matthew Dalton, and More
(November 19 2022) Wall Street Journal

U.S. Eyes Shifts on Climate Payments,
in Possible Breakthrough at Summit

By Karl Mathiesen and Zack Colman
(November 19, 2022) Politico

5 NATO Carrier Strike Groups, Including the US Navy's
Newest Supercarrier, are Patrolling Waters Around Europe

By Jake Epstein (November 18 2022) Business Insider

Explainer: Who Pakistan Picks as Army Chief
Matters Far Beyond its Borders

By Gibran Naiyyar Peshimam (November 17 2022) Reuters

‘Women, Life, Freedom.’ Inside the Protests Shocking Iran.
By Scott Peterson (November 17 2022) Christian Science Monitor

Seeking Compromise Candidate, Lebanese Politician Bassil
Leaves Door Ajar for Presidency Bid

By John Irish (November 17 2022) Reuters

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi Wraps up Long and
Historic Leadership Career

By Patricia Zengerle (November 17 2022) Reuters

Clarence Thomas Again Moves To Block Jan. 6
Inquiry That Could Implicate His Wife

By Paul Blumenthal (November 14 2022) HuffPost

Jan. 6 Panel Weighs ‘Next Steps’ After
Trump Fails to Show for Deposition

By Rebecca Beitsch (November 14 2022) The Hill

Rich Nations Stick to Coal Phase-Out Plans as
China Builds New Projects

By Susanna Twidale (November 14 2022) Reuters

New Zealand Targets Cow Burps to Help
Reduce Global Warming

By NICK PERRY (November 13 2022) AP

Pence to Muir: Trump's Words on 1/6 'Endangered Me
and My Family and Everyone at the Capitol'

By TAL AXELROD (November 13 2022) ABC News

Survivors Say Putin’s Private Army Filmed
_ex Assault Victims Stripped _aked

By Philip Obaji Jr. (November 13, 2022) Daily Beast

Sledgehammer Execution of Russian Mercenary
Who Defected to Ukraine Shown on Video

By Guy Faulconbridge (November 13, 2022) Reuters

United Nations Climate Change Cop27
6 Nov - 18 Nov 2022

The Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit

Who Are the Men Now Ruling China?
Meet the Members of Xi Jinping's Powerful
Politburo Standing Committee

By No Author (October 24, 2022)

Israel Destroys Iranian Drone Manufacturing Plant in Syria
By Daniel Stewart (October 23 2022) News 360

Former Trump Organization CFO Expected To Be
Star Witness In Company's Tax Fraud Trial

By Mary Papenfuss (October 22 2022) HuffPost

Iran Protests Trigger Solidarity Rallies in US, Europe
(October 22 2022) Associated Press

East Africa Hunger Crisis Likely to Lead to 1 Death
Every 36 Seconds, Oxfam Warns

By Marquise Francis (October 20 2022) Yahoo

'It Was Horror': Liberated Ukrainians Share Tales of Occupation
By Carlotta Gall and Ivor Prickett (October 21 2022) New York Times

US: Iranian Troops in Crimea Backing Russian Drone Strikes
By AAMER MADHANI and ZEKE MILLER (October 20 2022) AP

Family: Saudis Sentence US Citizen to 16 Years Over Tweets
By No Author (October 18 2022) Associated Press

Somalia Can't "Wait for Famine to be Declared,
Or It Will Be Too Late"

By Sarah Carter (October 17 2022) CBS News

Haiti Gang Makes Demands in Test of Power With Government
By Dánica Coto (October 14 2022) AP

Pakistan: Why Swat Locals Are Angry With Both the
Military and the Taliban

By S. Khan (October 14 2022) Deutsche Welle

China’s Communist Party Congress:
Everything You Need To Know

By Helen Davidson (October 14 2022) the Guardian

EXPLAINER: Who is Leading the Crackdown
on Iran's Protests?

By JOSEPH KRAUSS (October 13, 2022) AP

What Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons and
How Might Putin Use Them?

By Eleanor Watson (October 11 2022) CBS News

Exclusive-Lebanon Satisfied With Final Draft
of Israel Maritime Border Deal -Top Lebanese Negotiator

By Timour Azhari (October 10 2022) Reuters

Trump Believed the Classified Documents Stashed at
Mar-a-Lago Were His 'Get Out of Jail Free Card,' Says Michael Cohen

By Joshua Zitser (October 9 2022) Insider

Taiwan Signals Its Chip Firms Will Follow New
U.S. Rules on China

By Ben Blanchard (October 8 2022) Reuters

Zaporizhzhia Plant Down to Diesel Generators as
Shelling Cuts Power Essential for Cooling

By No Author (October 8 2022) Reuters

Hong Kong Authorities Sentence Five Teenagers
to Three Years of Probation for Protesting Against Beijing

By Daniel Stewart (October 8 2022) News 360

U.S. Kills 3 Islamic State Leaders in 2 Syria Operations
By LOLITA C. BALDOR (October 6 2022) Los Angeles Times

Iranian Schoolgirls Are Removing Their Hijabs,
Shouting 'Death to the Dictator' and Raising Their Middle Fingers
at the Country's Leaders

By Jake Epstein (October 5 2022) Business Insider

The Chinese Communist Party Congress That
Could Make Xi President for Life, Explained

By Peter Weber (October 4 2022) The Week

Russia Smuggling Ukrainian Grain to
Help Pay for Putin's War

(October 3 2022) AP

Iran's Gen Z is Fed up. The Protests Aren't
Just About Hijab, They're About Regime Change.

By Neda Bolourchi (October 1 2022) USA Today

Ukraine Submits Application to Join NATO
By Andrew E. Kramer and Dan Bilefsky
(September 30 2022) New York Times

Russia Blows Up Gas Pipelines, Declaring an
All-Out Energy War It May Already Have Lost

By Suriya Jayanti (September 29 2022) Time

Iran Warns the West Over Support for Protesters
As International Backlash Grows

By Rhoda Kwan (September 26 2022) NBC

How Chinese Celebrities Are Amplifying Official Policy On Taiwan,
Pushing 'One China' Messages To Millions of Fans Online

By Dan Chen (September 26 2022) Conversation

Russia Steps Up Attacks With Iranian Drones,
Ukraine Plans Defenses - Officials

By Max Hunder and Tom Balmforth (September 26 2022) Reuters

China Using Civilian Ships to Enhance Navy Capability, Reach
By DAVID RISING (September 24 2022) AP

War Crimes Have Been Committed in Ukraine,
U.N. Experts Say

By Nick Cumming-Bruce (September 23 2022) New York Times

Putin's Order for 300,000 Fighters Drives
Russians to the Streets in Protest

By No Author (September 22 2022) Bloomberg

Trump’s Legal Bills Are Being Footed By His Donors
By Michael Isikoff (September 21 2022) Yahoo

Photos Show the Queen's Coffin Being Lowered Into the
Royal Vault at St George's Chapel

By Armani Syed (September 19 2022) Insider

Joe Biden to 'Take Over' Queen's Funeral With Huge Security Detail
Including 400 Secret Service Agents and Helicopter Convoy

By Josh Bolton (September 15 2022) My London

Biden Says Hate-Fueled Violence
‘Cannot be the Story of Our Time’

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. (September 15 2022) Washington Post

Trump’s Save America Paid $3 Million to Cover
Top Lawyer’s Legal Work

By BETSY WOODRUFF SWAN (September 15 2022) Politico

Trump Warns of 'Problems' Like 'We've Never Seen'
if he's indicted

By Myah Ward (September 15 2022) Politico

China Says it Will Work With Russia to
Create New International Order

By Michael Lee (September 14 2022) Fox News

Trump Insisted He Would Stay in White House
After Loss: Book

By Zach Schonfeld (September 12 2022) The Hill

Putin Allies Are Starting to Complain Publicly
That his Ukraine War Isn't Going Well

By Peter Weber (September 12 2022) The Week

Xi to Meet Putin in First Trip Outside
China Since COVID Began

By Guy Faulconbridge and Yew Lun Tian
(September 11 2022) Reuters

Visa, Mastercard, AmEx to Start Categorizing
Gun Shop Sales

By Ken Sweet (September 10 2022) AP

Russia Transfers 1,300 Kadyrov Soldiers to the
Kherson region General Staff Report

By Ramzan Kadyrov (September 10 2022) Ukrayinska Pravda

'Astounding': Trump Documents Reveal Casual
Disregard for Long-Standing Security Protocols

By Kevin Johnson (September 10 2022) USA Today

Bannon Indictment Reveals Damning Texts on
‘Build the Wall’ Scheme

By Jose Pagliery (September 8 2022) DailyBeast

Analysis-Kim Jong Un's 'Decapitation' Fears
Shine Through in New N.Korea Nuclear Law

By Josh Smith (September 9 2022) Reuters

Ukraine Energy Chief: Russia Trying to
'Steal' Nuclear Plant

By HANNA ARHIROVA, (September 8 2022) AP

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96,
Buckingham Palace Announces

By Niamh Cavanagh (September 8 2022) Yahoo

Councillors in Putin's Home City Call for Him to Face Treason
Charges Over the War in Ukraine

By Will Stewart (September 8 2022) Daily Mail

US: Hundreds of Thousands of Ukrainians Forced to Russia
BY EDITH M. LEDERER (September 7 2022) AP

Jailed Navalny's Situation is Getting Dangerous - Ally
By Andrius Sytas (September 6 2022) Reuters

UN Inspectors Find Damage to Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Buildings
Housing 'Fresh' Nuclear Fuel, Radioactive Waste

By Caitlin McFall (September 6 2022) Fox News

Liz Truss Beats Rishi Sunak to Become Next Prime Minister
Here's What She's Pledged to Do

By Kate Buck (September 5 2022) Yahoo

Military Reserves, Civil Defense Worry Taiwan
as China Looms

By HUIZHONG WU (September 4 2022) AP

Trump Floats 'Full Pardons' for Jan. 6 Rioters
While Biden Emphasizes 'Rule of Law'

By David Knowles (September 2 2022) Yahoo

Exclusive-Scientists Detect Second 'Vast' Methane Leak
at Pemex Oil Field in Mexico

By Stefanie Eschenbacher (September 2 2022) Reuters

For the Second Time in a Month,
Saudi Arabia Has Sentenced a Woman to Decades in Prison
Over Her Tweets: Rights Group

By Katie Anthony (August 31 2022) Insider

Opinion: Does the Anti-Taliban Resistance Stand a Chance?
By Peter Bergen (August 30 2022) CNN

Mikhail Gorbachev, Reformist Soviet Leader, Is Dead at 91
By Marilyn Berger , Anton Troianovski and Ivan Nechepurenko
(August 30 2022) New York Times

One-Third of Pakistan is Underwater,
More Than 1,000 Dead. And the Rain Keeps Coming

By Aspen Pflughoeft (August 29 2022) Miami Harold

Turkish Pop Star Gulsen Jailed Over Joke About
Religious Schools

By No Author (August 27 2022) A.P.

At $249 Per Day, Prison Stays Leave Ex-Inmates
Deep In Debt

By PAT EATON-ROBB (August 27 2022) A.P.

What's Happening at Zaporizhzhia?
Inside the Standoff at Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Plant

By Niamh Cavanagh (August 24 2022) Yahoo

Russia Announces the "Adoption" of Thousands
of Children Deported From Mariupol

By Diana Krechetova (August 23 2022) Ukrainska Pravda

Taiwan Saw Off China Before and Retains Resolve
to Defend Itself, President Says

By Ben Blanchard and Sarah Wu (August 22 2022) Reuters

Trump Had 300 Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago,
Called Boxes ‘Mine’: Report

By Nick Visser (August 22 2022) HuffPost

Somali Forces End Hotel Attack That Left 21 Dead, 117 Hurt
By OMAR FARUK (August 21 2022) AP

Here Are the Notable Investigations, Lawsuits
Donald Trump is Dealing With

By No Author (August 20 2022) ABC News

North Korea Dismisses Seoul's Aid-For-Disarmament Offer
By KIM TONG-HYUNG (August 18 2022) AP

Ukraine Latest: Erdogan Says Lviv Talks Focus on
How to End War

By No Author (August 18 2022) Bloomberg

'Don't Forget About Us,' Afghan Women Say,
1 Year After Taliban's Return To Power

By JAMIE DORRINGTON (August 14 2022) GMA

Russia Now Controls At Least $12.4 Trillion Worth Of
Ukraine's Energy, Metal And Mineral Deposits, Report Says

By Brian Evans (August 11 2022) Business Insider

Methane Emissions from U.S. Shallow Offshore Platforms
Exceed Those On Land, Study Finds

By Nichola Groom; Editing by Marguerita Choy (August 11 2022) Reuters

Satellite Data Find Landfills Are Methane 'Super Emitters'
By SIBI ARASU (August 11 2022) L.A. Times

Two Russian Journalists Appear To Defy Putin,
Slamming The War In Ukraine

By Henry Klapper (May 10 2022) CNN

NASA Reports "Perfect" Optical Alignment For Webb Telescope
By William Harwood (May 9 2022) CBS

Taliban Order Afghan Women To Wear All-Covering Burqa
By No Author (May 7 2022) AFP

Chinese Hackers Took Trillions In Intellectual Property
By Nicole Sganga (May 4 2022) CBS

Evidence Mounts Of GOP Involvement In Trump Election Schemes
By FARNOUSH AMIRI (May 1 2022) Associated Press

Started Out as a Fish. How Did It End Up Like This?
By Sabrina Imbler (April 30 2022) New York Times

United States Is 'Out Of The Pandemic Phase,' Fauci Says
By Bryan Pietsch (April 27 2022) Washington Post

North Korea Warns Of Nuclear Response If South Provokes It
By No Author (April 4 2022) A.P.

Ex-UN Prosecutor Urges Global Arrest Warrant For Putin
By No Author (April 2 2022) A.P.

A Belarusian Battalion Fights In Ukraine ‘For Both Countries’ Freedom’
By Max Bearak (April 1 2022) Washington Post

How Is The Ukraine War Affecting Children’s Mental Health?
By Dr Amir Khan (March 31, 2022) Aljazeera

What Is the Wagner Group?
By Victoria Kim (March 31 2022) New York Times

Jan. 6 White House Logs Given To House
Show 7-Hour Gap In Trump Calls

By Bob Woodward and Robert Costa (March 29 2022) Washington Post

More Russian Mercenaries Deploying to Ukraine to
Take On Greater Role in War

By Eric Schmitt (March 26 2022) New York Times

300 People Were Killed In Russian Airstrike On Mariupol Theater,
Ukrainian Authorities Say

By Andrew Carey, Olga Voitovych and Celine Alkhaldi
(March 25 2022) CNN

In Surprise Move, Taliban Breaks Promise To Allow
Higher Education For Girls

By No Author (March 23 2022) Associated Press

The Smaller Bombs That Could Turn Ukraine Into a
Nuclear War Zone

By William J. Broad (March 22 2022) New York Times

Russia's Elite Want Putin Out, Successor in Mind:
Ukraine Intel Chief

By Thomas Kika (March 20 2022) Newsweek

Saudi Arabia Executes 81 People In A Single Day
By No Author (March 12 2022) Al Jazeera

The Wagner Group - Russian Mercenaries
By No Author (March 11 2022) Wikipedia

Here's What NATO's Article 5 Is And How It Applies To
Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

By Paul LeBlanc (March 7 2022) CNN

Russia Passes Law Targeting Free Speech And
Pulls Plug On Twitter And Facebook

By David Knowles (March 4 2022) Yahoo

Europe's Largest Nuclear Power Plant On Fire After Shelling
MSTYSLAV CHERNOV (March 2 2022) A.P.

Taliban Begin House Searches, Sparking Fear, Diplomatic Criticism
By Charlotte Greenfield (February 28 2022) Reuters

Russia Attacks Ukraine, 'Shattering' European Peace
DASHA LITVINOVA (February 24 2022) A.P.

Map of Russian Troops Positions Shows Ukraine Nearly Surrounded
By No Author (February 17 2022) Washington Post

Chris Christie Rips Trump's Jan. 6 Claims:
'He actually told the truth by accident'

By Colin Campbell (February 6 2022) Yahoo

Biden Says ISIS Leader Blew Himself And
Family Up During U.S. Raid In Syria:
'A final act of desperate cowardice'

By Dylan Stableford (February 3 2022) Yahoo

Russia And Ukraine Agree To Continue Ceasefire Talks
By Yulia Shevchenko, Jennifer Deaton, Lindsay Isaac, Helen Regan and Kara Fox,
(January 26 2022) CNN

Kazakhstan’s Internet Shutdown Is The Latest Episode
In An Ominous Trend: Digital Authoritarianism

By Margaret Hu (January 24 2022) The Conversation

How Putin's Obsession With NATO Has Led To The
Brink Of War In Ukraine

By Melissa Rossi (January 21 2022) Yahoo

Changing Times for Saudi's Once Feared Morality Police
By No Author (January 13 2022) AFP

A Syrian Colonel Is Jailed for Life
In A First Torture Trial for The Assad Regime. It's One Step
In A 'Long Path To Justice,' Say Victims' Families

By Tamara Qiblawi, Jomana Karadsheh and Christian Streib
(January 13 2022) CNN

Scientists Believed Covid Leaked From Wuhan Lab -
But Feared Debate Could Hurt ‘International Harmony’

By Sarah Knapton (January 11 2022) The Telegraph

Russia Sends Troops To Put Down Kazakhstan Uprising
As Fresh Violence Erupts

By Olzhas Auyezov (January 6 2022) Asia Pacific

Opinion: Trump Must Have His Day In Court
For His Crimes On Jan. 6

By George T. Conway III (January 5 2022) Washington Post

T-DAY: The Battle for Taiwan
By Yimou Lee, Norihiko Shirouzu and David Lague
(December 27) Reuters

Iran's Houthis Have Fired 430 Missiles, 851 Drones
At Saudi Arabia Since 2015 Saudi-led coalition

By Mohammed Benmansour, Aziz El Yaakoubi (December 26) Reuters

Taliban Dissolves Independent Election Commissions
In Afghanistan

By No Author (December 26 2021) The Hill

Several Killed In Saudi Arabia,
Yemen In Coalition, Rebel Attacks

By No Author (December 25 2021) Aljazeera

Iran Will Not Enrich Uranium Past 60% Even If
Nuclear Talks Fail - Nuclear Chief

By STAFF (December 25 2021) Jerusalem Post

Early-Stage Research Suggests A Milk Protein
Combined With Benadryl May Help Fight COVID-19

By Bradford Betz (December 24 2021) Fox News

Why Libya’s Election Got Postponed: A Quick Guide
By No Author (December 23 2021) Aljazeera

US Navy Says It Seizes Arms From Iran
Likely Bound For Yemen

By ISABEL DEBRE (December 22 2021) A.P.

FDA Authorizes First Pill To Treat Covid-19
By Jamie Gumbrecht and Amanda Sealy (December 22 2021) CNN

Bugs Are Evolving to Eat Plastic, Study Finds
By Damian Carrington (December 22 2021) Guardian

OSCE Says Ceasefire Agreement Reached For Eastern Ukraine
By Mikko Kinnunen (December 22 2021) Reuters

U.S. Authorizes Some Transactions With Taliban
To Keep Aid Flowing To Afghanistan

By Daphne Psaledakis and Jonathan Landay (December 22 2021) Reuters

'Don't Ask Us Any Questions': Mother Of Dead Fighter
Says Russian Mercenary Group Left Her In The Dark And
Threatened Her Access To Her Son's Gravesite

By Abbie Shull (December 21 2021) Business Insider

Xi Tells Putin That Russia, China Are Better Than Allies, Kremlin Says
By Carl Samson (December 16 2021) Nextshark

How Kim Jong Un Became the World’s Most Bloodthirsty Dictator
By Donald Kirk (December 16 2021) Daily Beast

Explainer: Why is Russia's Putin so focused on Ukraine?
By Mark Trevelyan (December 15) Reuters

North Korea's Kim at Critical Crossroads Decade into Rule
By KIM TONG-HYUNG (December 12) A.P.

Haiti’s Leader Kept a List of Drug Traffickers. His Assassins Came for It.
By Maria Abi-Habib (December 12) New York Times

Saudi Arabia Faces Accusations of ‘Sports Washing.’ For Young Saudis,
It’s a Chance to Enjoy New Freedoms

By Vivienne Walt / Jeddah (December 10) Time

Around A Dozen People Injured In Explosion At
South Lebanon Palestinian Camp

By Timour Azhari (December 10 2021) Reuters

Which Really Costs More: Charging an EV
or Filling Up Your Tank With Gas?

By Andrew Lisa (December 6 2021) GBR

China Could Win 'Trump Card' Over Global Economy By Taking Over
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

By Caitlin McFall (December3 2021) Fox News

Exclusive: Chinese Province Targets Journalists, Foreign Students
With Planned New Surveillance System

By No Author (November 29 2021) Reuters

War In Space Began On Sunday. Here's Why The
Superpowers Are On Red Alert

By Francis Tusa (November 16 2021) Telegraph

Secretive Chinese Committee Draws Up List to Replace U.S. Tech
By No Author (November 16 2021) Bloomberg

Surrendered Boko Haram Members Now 15,628 – Military
By Solomon Odeniyi (November 12 2021) Punch

Afghanistan's Ghost Soldiers Undermined Fight
Against Taliban - Ex-Official

By Khalid Payenda (November 10 2021) BBC

Large Methane Plume Spotted Near China Natural Gas Pipeline
By No Author (November 8 2021) Bloomberg

Trafficking Of Plastic Waste Is On The Rise And
Criminal Groups Are Profiting, Report Says

By Anna M. Phillips (November 8 2021) Los Angeles Times

Hamas 'Guardian' Law Keeps Gaza Woman From Studying Abroad
By FARES AKRAM (November 5 2021) A.P.

Afghanistan's Taliban Under Threat From
Internal Terrorist Organization ISIS-K

By Greg Palkot (November 3 2021) Fox News

Carbon Removal ‘Is The Biggest Industry In The History
Of The World,’ Running Tide CEO Says

By Grace O'Donnell (November 2) Yahoo

Israel OKs Palestinian Homes After Advancing Settlements
By JOSEPH KRAUSS (November 1, 2021) A.P.

Al Gore: 'Time To Say Goodbye To Coal, Oil And Gas Worldwide'
By Maria Lencki (October 29 2021) Fox news

Israeli Cabinet Backs Huge Spending Plan For Arabian Minority
By No author (October 26 2021) BBC

Report: Plastic May Soon Overtake Coal as a Climate Killer
By Jeff Goodell (October 21 2021) Rollingstone

Taliban Praise Suicide Bombers, Offer Families Cash And Land
By James Mackenzie (October 20 2021) Reuters

Russia Allows Methane Leaks At Planet’s Peril
By Steven Mufson, Isabelle Khurshudyan, Chris Mooney,
Brady Dennis, John Muyskens and Naema Ahmed
(October 19, 2021) Washington Post

Iran's Hezbollah Leader Declares His Group Has 100,000 Fighters
By SARAH EL DEEB (October 18, 2021) A.P.

Explained: COP26 Climate Conference And Why It Is Important
By No Author (October 16 2021) Indian Express

We Finally Know How 43 Students On A Bus Vanished Into Thin Air
By Jeremy Kryt (October 10 2021) Dailybeast

Taliban Says US Will Provide Humanitarian Aid To Afghanistan
By No Author (October 10 2021) A.P.

Large Methane Clouds Spotted Near Gas Pipelines In Iran
By Will Mathis and Arsalan Shahla (October 8 2021) Bloomberg

N.Korea's Food Situation Appears Perilous, Experts Say
By Josh Smith (October 8 2021) Reuters

Taiwan Says Peace Crucial to Chip Supply as China Pressure Grows
By Debby Wu and Argin Chang (October 4 2021) Bloomberg

List Of People Named In The Pandora Papers
(October 2021) Wikipedia

China Flies Record 56 Warplanes Toward Self-Ruled Taiwan
By Huizhong Wu (October 4 2021) A.P.

Mali's Plan For Russia Mercenaries To Replace
French Troops Unsettles Sahel

By Moses Rono (October 1 2021) BBC

Kim Yo Jong, Sister Of North Korean Leader,
Promoted To Top Ruling Body

By Yaron Steinbuch (September 30 2021) New York Post

Equality - Japan Takes Step Toward First
Female Premier As Two Women Run

By Isabel Reynolds (September 17 2021) Bloomberg

Nigerian Army Says High Profile Boko Haram Member Arrested
By CHINEDU ASADU (September 9 2021) A.P.

Afghanistan Country Profile
By no author (September 8 2021) BBC

China Chases 'Rejuvenation' With Control Of Tycoons, Society
By Joe McDonald (September 7 2021) A.P.

Wagner: Scale Of Russian Mercenary Mission In Libya Exposed
By Ilya Barabanov & Nader Ibrahim (August 10 2021) BBC

Cuba Legalizes Small And Medium Enterprises
In Boost For Private Sector

By No Author (August 7 2021) AFP

Russia And China Accused Of Posing Daily Threat From Space
By Danielle Sheridan (July 29 2021) The Telegraph

Biden: If U.S. Has 'Real Shooting War'
It Could Be Result Of Cyber Attacks

By Nandita Bose (July 27 2021) Yahoo

New Legislation Would Require Women, Like Men,
To Sign Up For Potential Draft

By Trish Turner (July 23 2021) ABC News

Authorities In Cuba Begin To Punish Young Protesters In Summary Trials
By Nora Gámez Torres (July 21 2021) Miami Herald

Roiled By Presidential Assassination, Haiti Swears In New PM
By Robenson Geffrard (June 20 2021) AFP

US Blames China For Hacks, Opening New Front In Cyber Offensive
By Kevin Liptac (July 19 2021) CNN

The Dangerous Work of Defending Religious Freedom in China
By Sam Brownback & Kori Porter (July 13 2021) National Review

Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S.
Over Another Ukraine Land Grab

By Julia Davis (April 13 2021) Daily Beast

Bombers, Boats, Dredgers: China's Relentless Pressure
Is Wearing Down Regional Competitors

By Dan De Luce (April 10 2021) NBC News

Colombia Will Not Rest In Fight Against Killers Of Activists, Duque Says
By Julia Symmes Cobb and Luis Jaime Acosta (March 13 2021) Reuters

UN Calls For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops,
Mercenaries From Libya

By No Author (March 15 2021) AFP

SolarWinds Hack Was 'Largest And Most Sophisticated Attack' Ever
Microsoft President

By Brad Heath - Heather Timmons - Peter Cooney (February 14 2021) Reuters

Breaking The ‘Concrete’ Ceiling: Roz Brewer To Become
The S&P 500’s Only Black Female CEO

By Maggie Mcgrath (January 28 2021) Forbes

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